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The new coctail menu that traditionally offers 21 drinks designed and mixed in a way to delight your 21 grams of your soul.

The most popular drinks can be found in the „Best of the Best“ category, but if you long for something more spicy or passionate, feel free to wander among our brand new coctails bearing a name that tells it all – Seven Sins. It makes your blood boiling if you have a properly mixed Wrath, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth or Pride! If you want to leave the Prolog bar clear-headed you can enjoy one of our specials – seasonal and non-alcoholic beverages. It is in this category where you can find three alcohol-free concepts invented exclusively for Prolog by Achim Šipl – the world champion in the preparation of non-alcoholic coctails.


Sensual drink that will definitely speak to both ladies for whom it will become a sophisticated fashion accessory and gentleman who are not afraid to be cought in flagrante.

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Our goal is to spoil you in every possible way – and not only by the attitude of our bartenders, who will quickly become your friends understanding your soul, your taste and your moods, but also by our exceptional interior and tasty menu full of extraordinary drinks and luxurious food.


You will be served coctails made from non-traditional and exclusive ingredients. You can choose from 21 novel drinks prepared in remarkable ways. Our wine selection is designed to exceed the standard of even the best restaurants you have ever been to. Last, but not least, we offer exclusive spirits like Diplomatico Vintage 2001 rum.


Good drink goes hand in hand with a modern international cuisine, and our meals are made only from the finest ingredients. Our menu includes caviar or oysters that are a delicious appetizer before having our specialities such as grilled foi gras, tuna with creamy rissoto, tagliatelle with seafood, beef-steak and more. You can order all these dainties even after midnight.


It is not by chance that the subheading of PROLOG bar is The Exceptional Cocktail Bar – it is a truly exceptional place not only for exceptional moments. The interior is dominated by leather, brass and wood and is inspired by bars of 1930s. For Arte Deco style, the quality materials are used in demanding and elaborative ways to stress the simple lines. The light is very important to achieve the right atmosphere.

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